We are a female black owned brand, located in New York. The “X” in JxALLURE signifies enhancement. Our mission is to enhance the alluring modern-day woman’s overall fashionable look. We offer stylish statement jewelry designed to enrich the lives of women by making them feel confident.

JxALLURE is known for handcrafting personalized leather jewelry and curating high quality jewelry collections. All pieces are handmade to the highest standards using top quality materials. Our fashion-forward jewelry line caters to fashion lovers who possess a bold and versatile style, while allowing them to confidently express their fashion and freedom.

JxALLURE speaks inspiration, positivity and power. We believe luxury should be accessible and part of your everyday lifestyle.

We look forward to receiving your feedback so that we are able to make your shopping experience with JxALLURE as enjoyable as possible!